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I just want to organize and communicate the useful information I find, and this website gives me an outlet for that. If I happen to write about something that also interests you, let me know so we can chat about it.

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I currently reside in Durham, NC with my partner Clayton and our cat Pico de Gato. I work at Duke University where I get to use my love of creative science communication to help bring university technologies to society through technology transfer. I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a Ph.D. in chemistry, an experience that taught me how to find answers to the questions I have in all areas of my life. I grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia and then attended WVU. West Virginia is a community I’m proud to call home, and I hope I stay alive long enough to see the mountaineers win one national football championship.

I value using every day to become a healthier, more productive, happier, kinder citizen of planet earth. I try hard to use the golden rule of treating others how I’d like to be treated as my true north when life gets complicated. I believe in the importance of learning about and experiencing other peoples’ cultures in order to best practice this golden rule. Spreadsheets, itineraries, and routines are my coping mechanisms. I’m a huge fan of people who are comfortable & transparent with their faults and how they work on them, are considerate of other people’s time and feelings, value quality time, and can be entertained with nothing but a good conversation.